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About us

Euclidos is a Freelance web design & marketing agency with offices based in both Lebanon & Czech Republic.  

We have extensive experience working with businesses, charities & organizations to enhance their social marketing and website development.



Web optimization & Development

Building and developing a website can take a lot of time, skills and effort. Our services offer everything needed for a successful website and take the pressure off you. Starting from our first meeting, we are here to help you every step of the way.


Digital arts

Digital arts and illustrations for eBooks, magazines,  business cards, info-graphics, character design and more. You can trust us to deliver and offer you a variety of options.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an integral part of every successful brand. Our service help you to increase traffic, improve sales and customer services. Digital Marketing and social engagement is a key-step in promoting your business.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO allows brands to share their message, their culture, and their products and services with a vast population of online users. When done correctly, SEO is a cost effective strategy that can help you amplify your online presence, increase traffic, and improve sales.



H Real Estate

Real estate compnay

H Real Estate is a global real estate office that offers fast and easy solutions to third world countries. 


Plant-based Gelatino

Ice Cream shop

Plant-based Gelatino is an ice cream shop in a friendly neighborhood with diverse flavors. 

Roger Grant Advocate


Roger Grant Advocate established last year, with 3 main lawyers and a brand new legal department. 


Flower Shop

Floweria Shop is a small shop in Berlin. The shop offers you a warm and friendly environment to buy your favorite plants and flowers.


Cultured Coffee Shop

‘Coffeeing.’ is a new startup founded by three young students from Sweden, that offers easy and fast self-made coffee to enjoy while studying.

Olivia Garcia

Couples Therapy

Olivia Garcia is a professional psychologist that offers emotional and physical therapy treatment to couples around Europe.

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